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Tempe DUI Attorney

Tempe, Arizona DUI Defense Lawyer

At the Tempe Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson we specialize in DUI defense and represent clients who have been accused of various types of DUI Offenses. Joshua S. Davidson established his Tempe Law Firm in 2005, and before that he worked as a DUI prosecutor for Maricopa County. His years as a prosecutor directly contribute to his success as a DUI Defense Attorney because working in both positions has provided him with a multi-faceted view of the Tempe criminal justice system. He sees all sides of a case and can better prepare defending arguments because he knows how prosecutors work; he used to be one!

At our Tempe Law Firm, we represent clients accused of the following types of DUI crimes:

    In addition to these offenses, we also handle charges that come in conjunction with DUI, such as Vehicular Manslaughter, Endangerment, Leaving the Scene, and DUI Accidents. As your Tempe DUI Defense Attorney, Joshua S. Davidson will examine all evidence surrounding your case, including the results from a blood or breath test. Blood & Breath testing, and field sobriety testing are not solid evidence for determining guilt for a DUI charge in Tempe. As an experienced Tempe Lawyer, he has seen firsthand the numerous things that can go wrong during one of these tests leading to inaccurate test results, and as your attorney he will do everything in his power to convey these falsities to the jury or judge hearing your case in Tempe.

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