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Phoenix DUI Defense Attorney

About the Second DUI Offense

In some cases, a judge will let a first time offender "off the hook" and administer minimum penalties for this person. Unfortunately, the same does not apply to second time offenders. Any person who is charged with DUI for the second time in Phoenix, Arizona will face a harsh prosecution and possibly enhanced penalties. If your drunk driving charge occurred within several years of the last one, you will find that the prosecution will do everything in their power to seek the highest penalties for your case.

When a person faces a second DUI charge, they run the risk of facing the following consequences:

  • Fines - up to $3,000 total or more
  • Jail - up to 90 days, minimum of 30 days
  • Community Restitution (Community Service)
  • License Suspension - 1 year
  • Ignition Interlock Device
  • Alcohol or Drug Treatment Program

While none of these consequences are guaranteed, a prosecutor will seek all penalties associated with the offense that you have committed. Furthermore, these penalties are associated with a regular DUI offense; Extreme DUI and Super Extreme DUI charges will have much more severe penalties.

Other Penalties Associated with a Phoenix DUI Conviction

When a person faces their second DUI conviction, they also face other types of non-criminal penalties. Due to the large amount of fines associated with this type of offense, the person may face financial hardship or ruin, and be forced to sell their home, car or even file bankruptcy. To add on, the person may also lose their job. Some employers are lenient on a first DUI offense; they understand that people make mistakes. However, with a second DUI conviction, they believe that their employee is now a liability and should not be employed any longer.

If you wish to avoid these difficult and life-long consequences, you should immediately talk to a Phoenix DUI lawyer from the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson. The firm is composed of a former prosecutor with years of experience in the area of criminal law and DUI defense.

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