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Phoenix Extreme DUI Attorney

Extreme DUI Defense Lawyer

Under Arizona law, DUI can be prosecuted as the result of either having impaired driving ability or having a BAC of .08% or higher within two hours of driving.  If a blood alcohol level of .15% or higher is present within two hours of driving, the more serious offense of Extreme DUI will be charged.  The mandatory penalties resulting from a first time Extreme DUI Offense in Phoenix include:

  • Jail: 30 Consecutive days
  • Fines: Approximately $2700
  • License Suspension: 90 days (work permit after 30 days)
  • Alcohol/Drug Counseling
  • Probation : Up to 5 years
  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device on your Vehicle
  • Vehicle Impoundment

It used to be that a first Extreme DUI conviction in Phoenix could result in a 30 day jail sentence, but could be reduced down to 10 days if the defendant agreed to an alcohol/drug rehabilitation program.  This law was recently changed and Arizona Extreme DUI conviction now includes a mandatory 30 day jail sentence, without the possibility of reduction for a first offense.  Unlike with the previous law, there will now be no chance of getting time suspended.  For a second Extreme DUI offense, you could be sentenced to 120 days in jail, with no chance of getting time suspended.   

With this Extreme DUI law change, the penalties for a Phoenix Extreme DUI conviction are especially harsh.  Can you imagine being in jail for an entire month, or even 120 days for a second Extreme DUI offense?  During your time in jail you could lose your job, not to mention financial security for you and your family.  These types of losses could lead to more serious financial problems that could result in losing your home entirely.  This is why you must fight to make sure that your rights are upheld throughout your DUI case in Arizona.  Phoenix Extreme DUI Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson knows that your ability to provide for yourself and your family is very important to you.  You need a competent and confident attorney who will be able to fight for your rights and help you maintain your freedom. 

The penalties resulting from an Extreme DUI conviction are at an all time high rate of severity in Arizona.  If you do not receive legal help from a qualified Phoenix DUI defense attorney, you risk suffering consequences that could have been prevented had you hired a lawyer. As a former Phoenix DUI prosecutor, Joshua S. Davidson knows what it takes to provide you with DUI defense that will achieve positive results for your case.  He will use his experience and legal knowledge to benefit your case.

If you have questions regarding your Extreme DUI charge or are seeking representation, contact Phoenix Extreme DUI Attorney Joshua S. Davidson today.

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