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Phoenix Endangerment DUI Lawyer

Endangerment Defense Lawyer

If a Phoenix driver is responsible for causing an accident where no injuries occurred, and it is discovered that the driver was impaired or had a blood alcohol level above .08%, they risk being charged with not only DUI, but with Endangerment as well.  Under Arizona law, Endangerment is committed when a person recklessly endangers another by posing a substantial risk of inflicting death or physical injury upon them.  If the endangerment charge involves the risk of death, it is considered to be a class 6 felony.  All other cases of endangerment are considered to be class 1 misdemeanors.  

A felony charge on your record can result in diminished ability to get certain types of employment and housing and can cause many other different hardships in your life.  Not only could you spend up to 2 years in jail for a class 6 felony charge, you could also face fines and a civil case against you by the individual who was injured in the accident.  With the help of an attorney, you can help mitigate the effects that this type of charge can have on you and your family. 

Because cars can be considered dangerous instruments under Phoenix law, and cars are directly involved in DUI cases where Endangerment charges are added, Endangerment could be charged as a dangerous offense and a conviction could mean a mandatory prison term.  If a prosecutor can prove that the defendant commited any dangerous offense then a mandatory prison term will result.  As a seasoned Phoenix defense attorney, Joshua S. Davidson knows how to defend those accused of Endangerment as a result of a DUI accident and puts his experienced to work for each of his clients.

Phoenix DUI Defense Attorney: Endangerment Charges

As an experienced Phoenix DUI Defense Attorney, Joshua S. Davidson has seen firsthand how complex an endangerment charge can be.  Endangerment is a vague and confusing charge and can be left open to interpretation, usually to the disadvantage of the defendant.  As a former Phoenix prosecutor, he understands how endangerment charges can be used against the defendant, and now that he is a defense lawyer he knows how to effectively counteract those charges.  It is extremely important that your case be properly evaluated when DUI and Endangerment charges are posed and as your Phoenix defense attorney he will make sure that happens.   

Contact Phoenix DUI Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson today regarding your DUI and Endangerment charges In Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa & Tempe.

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