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Phoenix DUI Attorney

DUI Offenses and Charges in Arizona

As your Phoenix DUI defense attorney, Joshua S. Davidson will review all facts and evidence surrounding your drunk driving case in order to identify any potential legal issues that may arise and cause complications. He will also work to find any issues that may facilitate a dismissal or reduction in your DUI charges. He has a thorough understanding of Arizona DUI Laws and can go over these as they pertain to your particular DUI charges. He handles DUI charges such as Extreme DUI, Super Extreme DUI, aggravated DUI, and underage DUI in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa and Tempe.

There are two legal proceedings that follow a DUI arrest:

The criminal proceeding (which takes place at court) includes the following procedures:

  • At the initial appearance, a judge will decide whether or not you can be released on bail and how much your bond will be set at.
  • A preliminary hearing may then be held, and here the judge will review evidence to decide if DUI charges are supported by evidence demonstrating probable cause.
  • At the arraignment the court will formally advise you of the DUI charges that have been filed against you by the State
  • A pretrial conference will be held where the defense attorney can attempt to negotiate to have the DUI charges reduced or dismissed.
  • The actual criminal trial will then be held for the prosecutor and defense attorney to present evidence and arguments resulting in either a verdict of guilty or not guilty.

The civil proceeding (which takes place at the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division [MVD]) is held to determine if your license will be suspended. There are two types of MVD hearings:

  • Admin Per Se Hearing: This hearing is for defendants who submitted to a blood, breath or urine BAC test. This hearing will determine if you were driving, if you were arrested for DUI, if a breath, blood or urine BAC test was offered by the officer, if the test was successfully completed, and what the results of that test were (if the result was above .08).
  • Implied Consent Hearing: This type of hearing will be held for those defendants who refused to submit to sobriety testing. This hearing will determine if you were driving, if you were arrested for DUI, if an officer properly requested a blood, breath or urine test, if you conveyed to the officer that you would not take the test, and whether or not the failure to take or complete the test was due to a fault or choice of your own.

Arizona DUI Defense Lawyer

With the help of a competent Phoenix DUI attorney, you can navigate the above steps with much greater ease. It is vital to the preservation of your driving freedoms that you appear in court and in hearings at the appropriate time with the appropriate documents. You can easily make mistakes if you are not familiar with Arizona DUI procedure. Joshua S. Davidson is experienced in handling all types of driving under the influence cases from simple DUI through more serious charges such as aggravated DUI, extreme DUI and super extreme DUI.

At the Phoenix Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, we focus on DUI defense and are dedicated to assisting those accused of DUI throughout Maricopa County. No matter what kind of DUI crime you have been charged with, or how many DUIs are on your record, we can help protect your driving privileges and represent you throughout the entire process. From your initial arrest, to court, to your MVD hearing, we will be with you every step of the way providing the best legal advice and direction possible.

Contact Phoenix DUI defense lawyer Joshua S. Davidson today to discuss your DUI charges.

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