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Phoenix Suspended License DUI Lawyer

Aggravated DUI Attorney in Phoenix

Aggravated DUI: Suspended License

Arizona DUI laws are extremely complex and if you have been charged with Aggravated DUI your charges may become even more confusing.  By hiring an experienced Phoenix DUI defense Attorney to represent you, you take an important step towards simplifying your case.  Joshua S. Davidson has represented clients throughout Maricopa County facing a wide variety of DUI charges for many years and because of his time as a DUI prosecutor, he is able to view Aggravated DUI cases from all angles. 

If you are at all confused or upset by your case, you need to speak with an attorney who can help clarify the matter for you.  Your attorney will investigate every aspect of your case and you will be able to understand the charges that you face and the possible different outcomes of your case.  With a former DUI prosecutor on your side as your Aggravated DUI defense lawyer, you face a much greater chance of retaining your freedom and your driving privileges.

DUI charges can be elevated to Aggravated DUI charges for the following reasons:

  1. If you receive a DUI while having two prior DUI convictions within seven years.
  2. If you receive a DUI while having a suspended, restricted or revoked driver’s license
  3. If you receive a DUI charge while having an underage person in your vehicle.

Here we will discuss Aggravated DUI charges that result from receiving a DUI while having a suspended, revoked, canceled or restricted license.  This type of Aggravated DUI is considered to be a felony, and as a result, the penalties for being convicted of Aggravated DUI are more serious. 

The penalties for a simple DUI in Phoenix are much less severe and are not as long-term as those for Aggravated DUI.  If convicted of Aggravated DUI in Phoenix, you face the following penalties:

  • Minumum of 4 months in the Arizona state prison
  • Fines reaching up to $ 150,000
  • Probation for a maximum of 10 years
  • 3 year License Revocation
  • Ignition Interlock on your vehicle
  • Forfeiture of your vehicle

Aggravated DUI in Phoenix is a serious offense, and as a result of the State’s recent attempt to crack down on drunk drivers, you face serious consequences if convicted.  As your Aggravated DUI defense lawyer, Joshua S. Davidson will do everything in his power to fight your aggravated DUI case.  Armed with his prior experience as a DUI prosecutor, Joshua S. Davidson knows how to maximize your chances of having your aggravated DUI reduced to a simple DUI or dismissed outright. 

Contact Phoenix DUI Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson for Aggravated DUI representation today!

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