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Ignition Interlock

The ignition interlock device is designed to be a restraint on anyone who has been convicted of drunk driving. But instead, because of incorrect readings or a mix-up with how the machine is supposed to work, sober drivers are running into problems with the law.

If you reside in Arizona and are convicted of a DUI, ignition interlock is required even if you’ve never been convicted previously. And each violation causes an extension on the penalty of an additional year. But DUI Attorney Joshua S. Davidson has been able to get those penalties overturned.

Do you have an Ignition Interlock Violation? If so, you need to call without delay. If the Arizona MVD sends you written notice in the mail, you only have 15 days to apply for a hearing in order to contest the violation. Our law firm will fight these additional penalties for you. Our firm handles cases in Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix, and throughout Maricopa county. Call us today to set up your free consultation.

The Ignition Interlock Isn’t Reliable

To get a conditional drivers license after conviction for a DUI suspension or a revoking of your license, you must have an ignition interlock device installed on your motor vehicle, and have it done at your expense. Once behind the wheel, you must blow into the machine to start the vehicle. The purpose is to stop a person who is intoxicated from starting the vehicle as well as to notify the MVD about the attempt.

But many Arizona citizens are facing a growing number of alleged violations without their knowledge, when they’ve done nothing wrong. They may not even be aware of the fact that the penalties are adding up.

Not long ago, an underage driver convicted of a DUI was using the interlock device incorrectly. She blew into the machine on numerous occasions, and the device reported an infraction even though the car started up. Because she failed to appeal her violations in the allotted time, the state tried to tack on 12 more years to her interlock sentencing.

Fruit smoothies seem to have a tendency to set off the BAC detector. As a result many drivers in Arizona have had more time added to their interlock penalty resulting in extra expenses and embarrassment.

It is crucial that you take action within 15 days when you receive the MVD notice. There are no police officers present to witness the violation, and so you do not have the opportunity to prove that you are innocent by having a blood test or taking a breathalyzer. Its your word against the machine’s false reading.

We work to raise questions about the validity of the readings. We ask probation officers as well as family members to verify your ongoing sobriety. Experts are asked to testify about the inaccuracy of the machine. These same experts will demonstrate that simply doing a single thing incorrectly when blowing can cause a violation of the ignition interlock device. Even a car battery that has gone dead can cause a violation.

If you are facing ignition interlock charges, then you need to contact our firm immediately.

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