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What Happens When I Refuse a Breath or Blood Test?

Arizona is an implied consent state. This means that anyone who is given driving privileges in the state is presumed to have given consent to breath and blood testing for the purpose of testing ...
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Understanding Sobriety Checkpoints

There is a number of different tactics law enforcement officers use for catching individuals who drive under the influence of drug or alcohol ( DUI ). One of those tactics is the sobriety checkpoint, ...
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Number of Drug-Related DUI Arrests Up in Phoenix

The number of arrests for drug-related DUI (driving under the influence) has risen in Phoenix, Arizona, according to a recent article in Ahwatukee Foothills News. Officials from the Phoenix Police ...
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Ignition Interlock Problems

This commentary relates to a couple problems that often arise for drivers who are required to have interlock devices installed in their automobiles. The two problems that most often arise are first, a ...
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Ignition Interlock

The ignition interlock device is designed to be a restraint on anyone who has been convicted of drunk driving. But instead, because of incorrect readings or a mix-up with how the machine is supposed ...
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Do I Need A Lawyer If I Am Under Investigation?

The term precharge or investigation stage case means you have not been charged with a crime yet but detectives want to contact you or somebody's made an allegation and you need some help. Why is ...
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Welcome to our Arizona DUI Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Arizona DUI Blog.
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